Pill Box takes all of your prescriptions and conveniently delivers them to your door each month.

The Pill Box packages medication the way patients take them, by date and time. Your prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and vitamins can all be put into to individual daily does packets. Pill Box allows patience the piece of mind knowing they took the right dose at the right time. It’s an all around safer and smarter choice for patients and pharmacies.


Pill Box Helps Your Doctor

Toledo Family Pharmacy supplies your physician with data needed to provide superior care:

• Toledo Family Pharmacy works along side your doctors to ensure accurate dosage

• We prepare all of your current medications into a document for your doctor. including time and dosage


Along with your Pill Box, Toledo Family Pharmacy can ship topical medications, inhalers, diabetic supplies, nasal sprays, and more, all delivered in a secure and reliable package.


1. Contact us at 419-470-0700 or send us an email by clicking here.

2. Within 24 hours Toledo Family Pharmacy contacts you to confirm your information.

3. One of our representatives will schedule a phone or in-home assessment with you.

4. A Toledo Family pharmacist will contact your previous pharmacy, transfer, fill your prescriptions and prepare them for your customized Pill Box. For any prescriptions that require authorization, we contact your physician directly.

5. Our Pill Box arrives to your door every month free of charge.


Pill Box sets the new standard for confident, safe and accurate multi-dose medication administration.

For multi-dose medication management, give your patients the Pill Box.

Pill Box is the ideal solution for your pharmaceutical needs, assisting your daily operations more efficiently while helping your staff to provide the best possible care. Delivering the very best quality assurance in pharmacological management, the Pill Box reduces patient error, provides continuous care and simplifies the pharmacy process by keeping record of the most current and timely medication data for each patient, promising accuracy and compliance.

Improve Patient Health

Your patients will never ask themselves again, “Did I take my pills today?” They simply just review their PILL BOX to determine when they took their last dose.

Help Patients Maintain Independence

Research shows seniors are concerned with their loss of independence more then illness. Help them maintain their freedom with a medication management option that’s convenient and safe.


Toledo Family Pharmacy is dedicated to providing patients and doctors with the tools to manage all of their personal and patient prescriptions. With a combined experience of 35 years, we have been serving private patients, institutions, and healthcare facilities in the greater Toledo Area. And now with Pill Box, Toledo Family Pharmacy will continue to develop leading technology to provide the best care to our patients and doctors.

• Toledo Family Pharmacy is fully licensed and HIPAA-compliant. providing reliable, certified pharmaceutical services.

• Our pharmacists fill every order, double and triple-check for accuracy, including drug interactions.

• Each Pill Box includes a medication administration record (MAR/Med list).

• The Pill Box may not package as needed non-scheduled medications, but they can be provided in a container to you, as well as other medications, including topicals, over-the-counter medications, inhalers, nasal sprays, etc.

• Pill Box provides diversity by catering to each patient’s prescription needs.


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